Prodigy Momentum Polo

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Prodigy Momentum Polo

The Prodigy Momentum Polo brings comfort and a sleek look to your outfit on and off the course. These polos have a blade collar, which is a modern spin on the traditional collar.

We’ve updated the color options and appearance of the Momentum Disc Golf Polo, adding a sweeping Star-inspired graphic on the back of the shirt that will add an element of movement to your look. Pros like Isaac Robinson have been wearing the new Momentum Polo all season on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. 

The Momentum Polo will fit mostly true to size, if not slightly large.

  • Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you dry.
  • Athletic fit & style blends comfort, performance, and stylishness.
  • Slim collar creates a sleek neckline, allowing you to compete without distraction.
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