Cosmic Neutron Flare

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Cosmic Neutron Flare

Streamline Discs kommer med Flare, en overstabil 9-speed driver. Dette er første disc de produserer i nydelig fargespill med Neutron Cosmic-plast.

3,5 FADE

Get ready to outmaneuver the competition with the all-new Neutron Flare from Streamline Discs! The Flare is the first overstable distance driver from Streamline and is designed for flights with a minimal turn, ending with a powerfully overstable finish, and a reserved glide to prevent going too long on the approach. The Flare debuts the new 19mm Driver class making it the first Streamline Speed 9 disc. A truly versatile disc whether fans are looking for something that can handle even the highest power throws, fighting the strongest winds, or for a wide range of utility shots, the Flare can handle them all. Burning brightly on the course, the Streamline Flare is coming to the rescue!

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Disktype Fairway driver
Speed 9
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 3,5
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