Upper Park Designs - The Draw

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Upper Park Designs - The Draw

The Draw is our backpack answer to the entry level shoulder bag. This backpack is perfect for the beginner, for the traveler, for the casual thrower, the penny pincher.. and everyone in between. We customized the typical drawstring design by separating the string opening from the shoulder straps. Allowing the player to leave the mouth of the bag open transforms this from a standard gym bag to a functional disc golf bag. 

Using 600D throughout, the bag design is simple and durable. You'll find a dedicated 3 disc pocket up front for your go-tos and enough storage inside for another 8. The water bottle pocket can fit whatever you throw at it (40oz insulated anyone?) and there is enough extra space at the bottom for a full sized jacket. Add on an outer velcro pocket for accessories and an internal slip pocket for extras and you've found yourself the best investment you've made all month.

It's a wonder why it has taken so long to make a base-line backpack for the masses? We took the liberty to make one ourselves. 

Colors may vary slightly from pictures. 
Discs and kanteen not included with purchase.

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