Trilogy Mystery Box

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Trilogy Mystery Box
Mystery Box fra Trilogy. Få minst fem discer fra Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs og Westside. I tillegg har de lagt ut flere spennende saker i noen av boksene. Full beskrivelse under.
• Each box contains 5 discs (at least 1 putter, 1 midrange & 1 driver) but of the 750 boxes made, 50 of them contain more than 5 discs. • The variation of discs from the different manufacturers may vary, no guarantee that you get 1 from each. • In some boxes, special discs may also occur, such as First Runs or Never Released Discs or other Custom Stamped / Limited Edition. • As an added bonus, 5th boxes will contain Gold tickets and the holder of one of these will first get to know the meaning of that after Christmas when Latitude64 reveals it, but the value of each ticket is at least 100 €! • 3st boxes will contain free registration fee for Tyyni. • 10st boxes contain 20 € voucher for Lat64 Custom. • The value of the box is at least 800kr.
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