Swirly S-Line PD Lone Howl

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Swirly S-Line PD Lone Howl

Not often does the pack fear the individual, but deep in the woods lone wolves are stronger, more aggressive, and far more dangerous than the average wolf. Standing at the top of the food chain the wolf fears no creature and stands alone as an apex predator, hungrily waiting for its next meal. A hush falls over the forest as a piercing howl fills the night sky...the hunt is on...

Discmania presents Colten Montgomery’s first tour series, the Lone Howl. Molded in Swirly S-line plastic the Lone Howl has a good grip and flex that helps players feel confident in their disc. This run of Swirly S-Line PD has more flexibility compared to the 2018 run, and in the air you'll also notice the Lone Howl has a bit more glide. This glide will help you get a little extra distance out on the course with the same trusted stable flight you've come to love in the PD. 

The Lone Howl rips down the fairway with fangs bared, ready to sink its teeth into the heart of the chains for any basket that stands before it. Hunt birdies with a newfound hunger and ferocity and pick up your Lone Howl from Discmania.net or an authorized dealer near you!

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