Stiff P-line MD4

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Stiff P-line MD4

The Stiff P-Line MD4 is here. Finally, the do it all mid-range from Discmania. This disc starts out fairly overstable, even more than our C-Line version, with good fade and glide out of the box. Like a fine wine, this discs gets better with age. When the P-Line MD4 starts to beat in, you’ll notice a straighter and straighter flight. When fully seasoned, this disc will become understable and be able to handle those turnover mid range shots with ease. Long story short, you can carry one P-MD4 in your bag for a specific shot, or you can carry four to handle a multitude of shots. The P-Line MD4 is truly our most versatile mid-range to date. Lower your score with the MD4! 

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