S-Line TD

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S-Line TD

This might be the best driver you never knew you needed. Rush out and get your S-TD today!

The original TD was among the first drivers in our line up, and while it was rarely seen on the very top positions of bestseller charts, it always enjoyed solid popularity among players that appreciate a versatile driver with a whole bunch of glide. It's no secret that during the times of our US-based production, the flight of the discs could sometimes vary greatly from production run to another. With the reinvented TD mold created in our Swedish production facility, the aim was to put together the very best aspects of the TD runs from the past and packaging the final result with state-of-the-art feel and finish.

The TD is highly versatile, packs a whole bunch of glide and flies very true to the flight numbers, offering a good bit of highly controllable high speed turn and a gentle forward-pushing fade as the speed winds down. What we especially like about the the TD is the feel. You'll be hard-pressed to find any driver out there that feels more natural to grip. The ergonomic rounded design allows you to throw with confidence, no matter whether you need to snap a dead-straight line through a patch of woods or soaring anhyzer over a water hazard.

The TD has often been described to be like a longer FD and while there's tons of different types of FD's out there, that comparison does ring true. It has the perfect balance of turn and fade, topped off with enough distance potential to beat even the fastest distance drivers out there, thanks to its tremendous glide.

Pick yourself up a TD today and discover the wonders it can do to your game - We bet you'll be using it a lot more than you'd initially think!

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Speed 10
Glide 5
Turn -2
Fade 1
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