Prism Insanity

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Prism Insanity

Oh the Insanity! Axiom Prism is back with a second prototype run of this experimental plastic with the Special Edition Prototype Prism Proton Insanity! The Proton plastic core and clear Prism rim gives this disc a truly stunning dual-toned translucent effect that is one of a kind in the sport of Disc Golf. This run of Prototype Prism Insanity will include a wider spectrum of unique color combinations than previously seen in the first prototype run. This mesmerizing surrealist triple-foil stamp from MVP Art Director ZAM represents a take on age-old wisdom -- the eyes are the prism to the soul and this one’s insane. The limited run of Proton Prism Insanity marks another advancement for Axiom Discs by pushing the technological limits and aesthetic beauty of discs to new heights. Following the immensely popular limited release at 2018 Amateur World Championships, Axiom’s Prototype Prism Insanity is ready to bend light down fairways this season!

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