Neo Method Primal Run

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Neo Method Primal Run

It’s time for the next step in Discmania’s Evolution. Introducing the Discmania Neo Method. This overstable midrange is designed to be your go-to midrange choice in nearly every situation, especially off the teepad. In fact, it’s already caught the eye of Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte.

This beaded midrange has a high amount of high-speed stability, the Method can handle the strength of any disc golfer, including those who are among the longest throwers in the world. Even the strongest forehand shot is no match for the Method. It can handle a lot of torque and won’t flip over on itself.

Thanks to a high amount of glide, the Method can carry down the fairway and flex out of any turn you might give it to achieve greater distance than you can typically achieve with an overstable midrange. At the end of the flight, a reliable, strong fade will close things out.

After getting his hands on it, Simon Lizotte simply stated, “This is the best midrange I’ve tried.” The Method has flight numbers of [ 5, 5, 0, 3 ]

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