Neo Instinct Primal Run

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Neo Instinct Primal Run

Som en del av Discmanias arbeid for å hele tiden utvikle seg videre, har de nå fått Latitude64 til å produsere en helt ny rekke med discer for dem. Først ut er Instinct, en driver som sier å ha den perfekte sammensetningen av kontroll og stabilitet. Den har enorm glide og produsenten lover ekstra lengde.

Out on the course exists a relentless battle. This battle rages on between players, the course, and your own game. Some players rise while others fall and out on the course there’s only one consistent trait that all top players depend on, their instincts. Survival of the fittest goes to those with the most adaptability to change and Discmania has changed the game all over again. Discmania introduces the first disc in the new Evolution line-up, the Instinct. The Instinct is a new fairway driver run in the all new, never released Neo plastic that has been designed solely with the player in mind. Neo plastic is rigid enough to hold up in all temperatures but still has enough flex in the flight plate to give all players an excellent grip. The disc feels like an extension of your arm. The Instinct offers the perfect blend of control and stability, leaving a fairway driver that can be depended on for touch shots as well as big crushes down the fairway. The disc is a glide machine and makes your control drives longer. Evolve your game by trusting your instincts!

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