MVP Disc Station

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MVP Disc Station

Disc Station er den perfekte hylle til å lagre diskene dine på. Her får du plass til mer enn 240 disker, uten at den vil ta opp mye plass. 

This premium storage rack is the ideal way to keep your discs organized, safe, and easily accessible for your next round. Whether you’re looking for a place to store your backups or keep your collectors safe from storage wear, or you’re a dealer looking to expand your warehouse storage capacity, the Disc Station is an ideal solution!

With a storage capacity of around 246 drivers, the attractive, all-metal Disc Station is ready to make your disc collection more organized and usable than ever before.

  • 24”x18”x66” = A ton of discs in a small space
  • 27lbs – Sturdy all-metal construction
  • 240+ – Large storage capacity
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