Marvel First Run Base Blend

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Marvel First Run Base Blend

Nytt merke for det norske markedet. Marvel er den første disken i Birdie Disc Golf Supply sin lineup. En putter med god glide. En straigth putter med godt grep som kastes langt like godt som den puttes med.


Birdie Disc Golf says this about their first mold: “Birdie makes their disc debut with a solid initial offering. This straight to slightly overstable beadless putter is incredibly consistent and great for putting and throwing alike. The Marvel takes well to spin putts as well as push and hybrid types and will quickly work it’s way alongside the most used discs in your bag! Our base plastic is like nothing else on the market and will provide plenty of grip while maintaining some flex. The Marvel is a completely new mold, designed and owned by Birdie. We aren’t renaming other manufacturers existing molds, so you can be sure that we are bringing originality to the game along with the latest advancements in disc design!”

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Disktype Putter
Speed 2
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 1
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