Lux Vapor Splice - Limited Edition

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Lux Vapor Splice - Limited Edition

Splice er så overstabilt som du får det. Her kan du banke til i alle vinkler, og disken vil uansett kjempe seg ut av det. Den tåler all motvind på grunn av den lave gliden disken har. Trenger du noe du virkelig kan stole på, så er dette disken du er ute etter.

Denne disken kan selvsagt brukes både backhand og forehand, men på banen kan du også se folk kaste denne opp ned, eller som tomahawk.


Limited batch of these cool Lux Vapor Splices up for grabs - Choose your stamp of preference between the sweet mini DM heart or the ultra-simplistic mini shield outline stamp! Stamp (foil) colors will vary.

Nice-to-know: These Splices in Lux Vapor material tend to have a bit more glide than your regular old stock Neo Splices. This can be useful in a lot of ways, as you can get a bit farther flight out of these.

When you need absolute dependability, the Splice is your choice. This disc performs predictably even in the toughest of headwinds.

Merging control and overstability, the Splice is a very overstable and accurate fairway driver with low glide. This disc fits well to a variety of different grips and will quickly earn your trust when the weather gets rough.

The Splice is great for all types of shots where you need extreme stability and reliability of the disc. This disc also makes sidearm throws more predictable, even if you are not so skilled at them. Very useful even for low speed escape shots and approaches - simply adjust the anhyzer angle and let the powerful fade of the Splice to work in your favour, instead of using excessive power.

Thanks to its immense overstability, this utility fairway driver has quickly become an important precision tool for many top-tier Team Discmania players like Eagle McMahon & Kyle Klein.

Great choice also for upside-down shots and tomahawks for powerful players!

Mer informasjon
Disktype Fairway driver
Speed 9
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 4
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