K1 Glow Kaxe Z 2019

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K1 Glow Kaxe Z 2019
Embrace the darkness, it’s time to SHINE! The line will include all our molds, with individual stamps and flight specs. Release: 27 Dec.

Kaxe Z:

Kaxe Z is essentially a beadless Kaxe. It is referred to as a slightly seasoned Kaxe with a laser straight flight and good glide. Just as with the original Kaxe we have called it a midrange driver, but Kaxe Z is just as much a fairway driver. 

With this disc we’re introducing the Z as in Zero, symbolizing less stability than the original mold. However don’t expect Kaxe Z to be understable. It’s still dependable and Kaxey!
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Disktype Fairway driver
Speed 6
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 2
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