Innova Superhero 2.0 BackPack

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Innova Superhero 2.0 BackPack

The Super HeroPack 2.0 is THE premium backpack from Innova, designed to take on any disc golf excursion. 

This bag is the improved version of the popular Super HeroPack. Instead of offering tons of different colour options, the Super Heropack 2.0 focuses on the fit. Adjustable load lift straps and enhanced back padding result in a form-fitting backpack that hauls a lot of gear. Carry a little, or a lot, the Super HeroPack II does it with comfort in mind. It’s spacious, made to haul more. 

The Super HeroPack 2.0 holds 25+ discs between the main disc compartment and putter pockets. Expandable side pockets provide extra storage. Water resistant top zippers, 600D fabric and triple-riveted feet round out the features of this tour-ready bag.

  • Holds 25+ Discs
  • Reinforced Material
  • Load Lift Straps
  • Improved Back Padding
  • Improved Shoulder Straps
  • Endurance Chest Strap
  • Expandable Side Pockets
  • Dual bottle holders for 32 oz. / 1 liter bottles
  • Mini pocket on the side
  • Lots of other pockets
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