Huk Timber D-line P2

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Huk Timber D-line P2

The P2 is more overstable than the P1-series, and is very stable in high speeds, making it ideal for driving, even through winds. One benefit of the P2 is also that is has been produced in each of the plastic types Discmania discs have ever been produced in, so you can be sure to find your favorite.

These P2s are made with the standard D-line plastic which is a favorite of many. D-line plastic is quite stiff and grippy, and is easy to beat in to the desired stability from the fairly overstable starting point.

The D-line P2 has been our bestselling putter for several years in running. That's no wonder, as this disc is a favourite for all skill levels. Find out why the P2 is one of our most popular molds by trying it out yourself! 

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