H2 V2 750 Spectrum - Kevin Jones

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H2 V2 750 Spectrum - Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones signature series Prodigy H2 V2 er en ganske så overstabil, rask driver. Prodigy har videreutviklet sin H2, til å få et mer komfortabelt grep, og en litt grunnere rim. Discen har fått litt høyere speed og glide målt mot forløperen sin. Denne discen tåler det meste av vind.

Kevin Jones’ first special edition signature discs are here! Kevin has chosen the H2 V2, a re-engineered, moderately overstable, fast flying Hybrid Driver that provides fine-tuned controllable distance with a predictable fade. This is the first time it has been released in 750 plastic, one one of our most stiff and durable plastics that offers premium grip. To top it off, it comes in our Spectrum Line full of beautiful, swirly blends of color. Help support Kevin Jones’ 2019 touring efforts and pick one up today! The stamp is a symbol Kevin has carried since his days in junior high and is meant to bring happiness and good fortune.

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