G-line TD2

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G-line TD2

The Discmania TD is well known as one of the most versatile drivers in Disc Golf. It has been reinvented in the form of the TD2. This driver is best suited for anyone seeking to get more distance with less effort. The TD2 is by far the most understable disc in the Discmania line-up with its high speed turn value -4. Packed with a great glide, this disc is easy to throw far with a little effort. Awesome for rollers and long turning shots for intermediate to top notch pro players. 

The G-LINE plastic is a very grippy and gummy. It has much higher flexibility and beautiful pearl type appearance which makes each and every disc look unique. 

Pro Tip: These G-LINE TD2s fly far! Don't be afraid to go out to a field and practice hyzer to flat or hyzer-flip shots with this disc. You may think it will drift too much but our Anhyzer top makes the disc come back more than you would expect!

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