Flying Ace Disc Golf Dye Kit

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Flying Ace Disc Golf Dye Kit

Stor pakke med hele 12 forskjellige farger!


PLEASE NOTE: These dyes will be packaged in ziplock bags.

Flying Ace Disc Golf Dyeing Kit " contains 12 x beautiful colors 
This Kit has been designed exclusively for Disc Golf Dyers

10 gm. of the following colors:
DGD109 Dandelion, DGD200 Deep Orange, DGD310 Cherry, DGD350 Flame Scarlet
DGD401 Caribbean, FGF405 Sonic Blue, DGD510 Burnt Sienna, DGD608 Onyx
DGD770 Meadow, DGD772 Aquatic Green, 
DGD880 Iris and DGD882 Pansy.   
Set of Mixing and Helpful Hint Directions

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