Exo Soft Origin Special Edition

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Exo Soft Origin Special Edition

Limited number of Soft Exo Origins are up for the taking. Origin has only been produced in Geo Line so far in base line plastic before now. Soft Exo plastic is going to have a much softer feel in the hand and will offer much more grip, too. 

These particular Special Edition discs are the same ones you may have seen in our winter 2021 Mystery Box selections. We ended up producing a bit more of these than were needed for the boxes, so here's a chance to stock up while our supplies last!

Origin is fairly understable at high speeds, making a perfect ally for long turnover shots and precise, laser straight lines when thrown with control. It will thrive in tailwinds, wooded fairways, and calmer conditions out on the course. You will be blown away at how far this disc will fly compared to it’s flight numbers. If the fan favorite Essence had a mid-range relative, this is it.

Good for: Mid range drives, approach shots, all skill levels

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Disktype Midrange
Speed 5
Glide 5
Turn -1
Fade 1
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