Eclipse 2.0 Resistor

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Eclipse 2.0 Resistor
3,5 FADE

Eclipse 2.0 Resistor – The Resistor is one of the most underrated discs in the game, it is an overstable disc that slots nicely between the Motion and the Deflector. It has enough stability to rip on into headwinds with out fear of it flipping over. This is the perfect disc for forehand approaches that need some distance but not so much that you need a 9 or 10 speed. The Eclipse 2.0 plastic is some of the best glow plastic in the game, with bright glow and a great feel, this is a fan favorite as far as plastics go. Make sure to grab an Eclipse 2.0 Resistor today!

MVP says this about the mold: “The Resistor’s flight path is characterized by its overstable flight. It has an extended GYRO® push which delays the strong fade for high power throwers. Average power throwers will observe an earlier prominent fade. The Resistor is designed for accurate overstable placement shots. Its workable overstability will cover your vital fairway shots where reliability is needed.”

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Disktype Fairway driver
Speed 6,5
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 3,5
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