D3 Max 400G

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D3 Max 400G

The Prodigy D3 Max is a very fast, stable distance driver designed for players of all skill levels, destined to be one of our furthest flying distance drivers yet. It has a slightly shallower rim and smoother top than the D3, making it faster and giving it more glide. Experienced players will be able to pick an angle of release for the D3 Max to hold, flying like a perfectly seasoned driver right off the shelf. It has a smooth ride to the right and a soft finish, which will also appeal to beginners looking for a forgiving maximum distance driver. The D3 Max will be produced alongside the D3, giving all players an option for long, booming drives.

Stamp color may vary. Shade of disc color may vary.

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Disktype Distance driver
Speed 12
Glide 6
Turn -3
Fade 2
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