D1 Max 400 Glow Star Circle

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D1 Max 400 Glow Star Circle

D1 Max er en av Prodigy Disc's lengstflyvende drivere. Med mer glide og mindre fade enn D1, vil den kunne holde en rett linje lenge, før den får en pålitelig fade.

Disse Glow-diskene er et eget run, laget for DGshop, og kommer med tre ulike stamps.


If you lean on the D1 to bomb down the fairway with pinpoint accuracy in any condition, get ready to go a step further. The highly anticipated D1 Max is ready to take flight. It will have the same reliability, consistency and wind-fighting power of the D1 with increased speed and potential for distance.

With a slightly smaller rim than its counterpart, the D1 Max is comfortable in the hand and is sure to give hard throwers the confidence to power down the fairway with accuracy. It will be produced alongside our popular D1.

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Disktype Distance driver
Speed 12
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 3
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