D-Blend Kon Tiki

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D-Blend Kon Tiki

Dette er en veldig nybegynnervennlig midrange-disk, oppkalt etter expedisjonen fra 1947. Disken passer fint for barn, og er veldig god for å trene på rette kast for nye spillere.

Kon Tiki – The Kon Tiki was a huge expedition in 1947 and now it is the name of a disc from Infinite. It is a very understable midrange that is amazing for brand new players. It has a ton of glide and a lot of turn making it very easy for new players to throw straight. It is a great disc for kids and players looking for more turn on a mid than any other disc. Grab an Infinite Discs Kon Tiki today.
Infinite says this about the mold: “The Kon Tiki is a mid-range approach disc designed for straight-to-understable touch shots, approaching the basket or weaving through tight fairways. It can be easily used to hold anhyzer flights as an option for players who don’t feel comfortable with their forehand game. It has a low profile with a small rim depth and small bead. The dimensions and flight characteristics of the Kon Tiki make it a great choice for beginners and players with slow arm speeds, or as a go-to midrange for finesse players.”
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Disktype Midrange
Speed 4
Glide 5
Turn -3
Fade 0
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