Crowned Eagle MD3 - Eagle McMahon 2018

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Crowned Eagle MD3 - Eagle McMahon 2018
It is time to bow down to the crown. Discmania presents Eagle Mcmahon’s Signature Color Glow C-line MD3, the Crowned Eagle. This disc will be perfect for those who are looking for their midrange to hold a hyzers, anhyzers, and straight shots with a small fade at the end of its flight. The color glow c-line plastic is great for all hours of the day. Under the sun, the disc displays beautiful shades of color, and glows during the night.
Prepare. Focus. Win. Eagle McMahon is prepared, focused, and has racked up multiple podium wins in his early career. McMahon has proven that he is one of disc golf’s top competitors and if he throws the Crowned Eagle, so should you.
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