Color Glow P2 - Discmania Open

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Color Glow P2 - Discmania Open

P2 er endelig her i Glow-plastikk, og dette er kanskje den beste Glow-disken Discmania noen gang har laget. Lyser godt, og flyr enda bedre.


Discmania proudly presents their very own Disc Golf Pro Tour event, the Discmania Open! This limited fundraiser P2 showcases the Discmania Open official tournament logo and also provides funds for the tournament itself. Based in Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada, this tournament will prove to be a destination tournament for pros and spectators alike.

P2 gets the first ever glow treatment in premium plastic for this special occasion. Color Glow has been widely anticipated by many since the P2 has been created in our factory and we’re beyond excited to hear what the players think of them and look forward to seeing how they fly for you.

They are also extremely proud to announce that the quality of glow on these is superb. Each of the three colors offered have a crisp, burning brightness, guaranteed to meet your expectations for a product like this.

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Disktype Putter
Speed 2
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 1
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