C-line FD3

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C-line FD3

The FD3 is our true workhorse fairway driver. Featuring a low profile, blunt nose, and concave inner rim, this is the disc to get things done. It can be trusted to handle crazy amounts of wind, forehand shots, thumber/tomahawk, and snappy backhand throws from even the strongest arms. Every player needs one of these in the bag for it's sheer reliability and durability. Grab control of your fairway game and check out the FD3 today.

Pro Tip: This run is flatter than most. Given the even lower profile, these FD3's feel a bit thinner in the hand, giving you even more comfort and trust when reaching for it again and again. Granted they are not board flat, these FD3's are exactly what anyone needs in their bag. All of which are slightly gummy, but just the right amount.

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