Archive 400 og Mini M4 - Isaac Robinson

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Archive 400 og Mini M4 - Isaac Robinson World Champion

Archive kommer inn mellom M1 og M2 i midrange-rekka til Prodigy. Ut av boksen er denne overstabil, og den tåler absolutt at du trykker til det du har. 

Isaac Robinson var kjent som en av verdens aller beste spillere allerede før han tok verdensmestertittelen i 2023. Dette er den første disken Prodigy har laget i samarbeid med han. 


Forged from the fire of champions and entrusted with the power to shape the very fabric of flight, the Archive midrange is the next chapter in our Prodigy Collabs Series, and the first disc made with input from World champion Isaac Robinson.

Isaac is known for his ability to carve a path with his disc through tangled forests and daunting fairways. He wanted a beadless midrange that was able to soar effortlessly through the sky with enhanced glide, and a touch of overstability to give it unwavering accuracy and a steadfast resistance to swirling winds. 

The Archive occupies a new place in the Prodigy Disc midrange lineup between the M1 and M2, giving Isaac the confidence to ascend the ranks of disc golf’s most decorated players.

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Disktype Midrange
Speed 5
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 2
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